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Overclock Labs: July 2022 Recap

by Zach Horn


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Our team at Overclock Labs is hard at work building the future of the decentralized cloud, and the results are showing. Here is a look back at our major milestones for July 2022. 

Executive Summary

All-time high usage. We reached several new all-time highs for usage in July—including daily AKT spend, actively leased memory, and active providers.

Our team is growing. Overclock Labs welcomed three new members to our team in July: Jorge Lopez Johnson, Sr. DevOps Engineer, Milos Nikolic, Sr. Software Engineer, and Zach Horn, Content Marketing Associate. We are still looking to fill several roles, especially engineering talent. 

Opportunities for thought leadership. Greg Osuri (CEO of Overclock Labs) and Anil Murty (Head of Product at Overclock Labs) are announced as speakers at Messari Mainnet from September 21-23 in New York City. Adam Bozanich (CTO of Overclock Labs) and Adam Wozney (Head of Community at Overclock Labs) are scheduled to speak at Cosmoverse, from September 26-28.

Record High Usage

Akash reached a new record high for usage in July, peaking at over 11 terabytes of actively leased memory. We consider memory to be the most accurate measure of network usage, as it is the most valuable scarce resource on the network.

Daily AKT spend also peaked in a similar time frame at over 1,100 AKT/day.

Akash has more providers on the network than ever before. There are currently 57 active providers, and more providers are joining the network on a continual basis.

Akash Accelerator

In June, we refactored what was previously the Community Awards Board (CAB) into our new initiative, Akash Accelerator. Over the month of July, we have continued to build upon this foundation to bring new projects onto Akash Network, providing guidance, technical support, and grants to help these projects become operational and grow.

Akash Accelerator also acts in an advisory capacity and ensures these projects are better prepared to raise money.

Cloudmos (previously Akashlytics)

Cloudmos provides network usage data for Akash Network. Cloudmos is also in the process of launching an explorer for Akash Network.


Praetor makes it easy to become a provider on Akash Network, offering an easy-to-use interface as an alternative to using the command-line interface (CLI).


OpenRegistry is a decentralized registry of container images. Users can store, download, and share container images and the platform is Open Container Image (OCI) compliant.

Moultrie Audits

Moultrie Audits is an infrastructure auditing company designed to increase technical security and uptime.

Greg Osuri and Anil Murty Announced as Speakers at Messari Mainnet

Akash Network will be sponsoring Messari Mainnet from September 21-23 in New York City. Both Greg Osuri, CEO of Overclock Labs, and Anil Murty, Head of Product at Overclock Labs, will be speaking on panels alongside several other prominent companies in the web3 space.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide thought leadership to the industry around decentralization, peer-to-peer marketplaces, and the future of the cloud—topics we believe in deeply. 

Persistent Storage Now Available on Akash Network

Praetor now offers persistent storage on Akash Network, offering even more flexibility to developers looking to run a wider variety of workloads. We have already heard from many developers that the availability of persistent storage was a major factor in the decision to move additional workloads onto Akash Network.

Developers are using persistent storage across many different applications—including running nodes and validators, databases, data warehousing, and machine learning.

Four-Phase Adoption Plan

Greg Osuri reiterated our commitment to our four-phase plan for the adoption of Akash Network. 

Phase One: Increase adoption within the Cosmos Ecosystem & web3.

Phase Two: Increase adoption of compute-intensive workloads and add GPU support.

Phase Three: Further increase adoption by decreasing latency and targeting the High-Performance Computing market.

Phase Four: Maximize adoption around the world by onboarding web2 tenants and providers.

We will release a similar recap for the month of August in a few weeks. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter @akashnet_ along with our CEO, Greg Osuri, @gregosuri.

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