Overclock Labs: November 2022 Recap

December 1, 2022

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Overclock Labs: November 2022 Recap

As we close out November, here is a recap of the past month for Overclock Labs and Akash Network.

Akash Network successfully completed the upgrade to Mainnet 4

On November 17th, Akash Network completed the upgrade to Mainnet 4. This upgrade is yet another significant milestone in Akash’s ambition to become the leading peer-to-peer marketplace for cloud compute. This upgrade also paves the way for a GPU marketplace on Akash.

The upgrade to Mainnet 4 is the culmination of months of hard work from our engineering team. Now that Mainnet 4 is live, the upgrade’s four major features are now available to everyone on the network:

  1. IP Leases

  2. Provider Services Split

  3. IBC3

  4. Interchain Accounts

We’re thrilled to finally ship Mainnet 4 and provide everyone on Akash access to these powerful features.

Akash Weekly continued through November

Our Akash Weekly series continued into its fifth month. Catch up with our November events with the recaps below:

Akash Weekly: Mantra

Akash Weekly: Lex and Arel Avellino

Akash Weekly: Geeks Pics 

Greg Osuri spoke at Dcentral Miami

Last week, Greg Osuri (Founder and CEO of Akash Network) spoke on the mainstage at Dcentral Miami alongside Joshua Noble, CEO & Co-Founder of Filebase, on the topic of decentralized cloud and storage in web3.

Check out the full recording of the panel here.

The Overclock Console open beta is almost here

We are getting very close to launching the open beta of Overclock Labs’ flagship deployment tool — Overclock Console.

Console will make it easy to create and manage deployments on Akash with a convenient, web-based tool. 

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