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Passage Leverages Akash To Launch the First Virtual World on Permissionless GPUs

by Zach Horn


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The demand for decentralized compute is growing fast as total global cloud spending is projected to surpass $1 trillion this year and as developers continue to grapple with cloud lock-in. As Passage scales its platform, which allows creators to build virtual worlds, it will utilize Akash compute to achieve three key objectives: Greatly reducing the costs of hosting Passage Worlds, unlocking the ability to scale with permissionless compute, and preserving sovereignty and privacy for creators.

In a world with many options for cloud resources, both centralized and decentralized, Akash makes achieving each of these objectives uniquely possible with the only fully open-source Supercloud.

Scaling with the Supercloud

The decision to leverage Akash Network to scale Passage completed the final piece of a long-term strategy. In building their platform, Passage aimed to balance quality, accessibility, and cost. Initially, the platform prioritized the first two – quality and accessibility. By choosing to focus on quality (using Unreal Engine 5) and accessibility (ensuring the platform works in any browser without downloads), Passage chose to utilize higher-cost AWS compute as the platform was under development.

Starting today, Passage is tapping into Akash’s scalability to manage these costs, with a reduction in hosting costs by 50%, and further savings up to 70% with additional optimizations.

The results from the first Passage Worlds hosted on Akash have resulted in compute savings up to 70% cheaper than AWS or Google Cloud with comparable hardware (high-density P100s and RTX 3090s).

Open-sourcing the Passage community

Drawing inspiration from Akash’s open community, which features a set of working groups that develop and grow the network, Passage has launched an open-source initiative that will give the community access to become involved in every aspect of building Passage’s platform.

From the Passage roadmap:

Our proposed roadmap follows, but priorities and plans will ultimately be determined by the Steering Committee.

  • Core infrastructure improvements on the indexer
  • Improved sorting and searching
  • Community initiatives (Astro Pucks, Golden Pucks)
  • Complete NFT staking
  • Complete auctions & offers front-end
  • Enable native USDC sales

To join the open community and start contributing, head to passage.io to learn more.

Launching an AKT/PASG Pool on Osmosis

As a part of the official launch of Passage World utilizing Akash compute, Passage and Overclock Labs are launching a new AKT/PASG pool on Osmosis, backed by $200,000 in liquidity from both teams, and liquidity providers will be able to receive custom roles in the Passage Discord.

The AKT/PASG pool is live on Osmosis now.

Learn more about Passage

Passage is building an exciting new platform to power an entirely new way for creators to interact with their communities. By tapping into permissionless Akash compute, Passage will be able to scale its mission to the next level and greatly reduce costs.

To hear more about how decentralized compute, the metaverse, and permissionless compute for AI — don’t miss Greg Osuri, Founder of Akash, and Lex Avellino, Founder of Passage, live at ATOMDenver (during ETHDenver).

For more information and to follow the latest updates — follow Passage and Akash on X.

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