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Product Roadmap 2022

by Greg Osuri


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Since the launch of Akash Network, a distributed peer-to-peer marketplace for cloud compute, we’ve been hyper-focused on stability while pursuing product-market fit. We’re excited to have achieved both in under six months since the launch.

As we continue to improve the user experience on Akash Network and navigate users’ needs, we see accelerated growth in network usage and revenue. New deployments have averaged about 200 per day for several weeks, with active deployments steadily increasing, and we’re proud to have crossed the 25,000 milestone in total deployments. 

Most recently, to make the provider/tenant relationship more seamless, we released the Akash Provider Upgrade (v0.14) that allows end-users to troubleshoot their deployments and includes other essential features that improve provider performance.

The possibilities of building on Akash are endless. Our approach is to identify a community where Akash’s value proposition can be communicated clearly, increase awareness, and improve user experience by building onboarding tools to gain adoption within the community.

At the present, we have a solid platform optimized for builders and have seen the emergence of community tools like Akashlytics and Deploy Tool that bring in a steady set of users with a simplified graphical user interface (GUI). And, with Akash Omnibus, where one can launch a scalable proof of stake (PoS) node network in just a few steps, we saw impressive growth and adoption within the Cosmos ecosystem as a whole. Additionally, community-generated content such as this Guide to Mining PKT on Akash at Scale takes users one step further into the power of mining on Akash. 

Scaling this approach to broader use cases such as machine learning will impact Akash’s growth exponentially.

This roadmap is how we get there.

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