The Akashian Challenge Phase 2 is LIVE!

June 29, 2020

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The Akashian Challenge Phase 2 is LIVE!

Last week, we shared an overview of The Akashian Challenge Phase 2, including the Challenge Schedule and Rewards Schedule. Phase 2 will encompass 3 weeks of challenges, 600,000 AKT rewards, and special prizes.

Today, we’re excited to launch The Akashian Challenge Phase 2 Week 1: Capture the Orders, at 1600 UTC / 9:00AM PST.

The Akashian Challenge Phase 2 will introduce, demonstrate, and test the decentralized exchange features of Akash. This decentralized exchange (DEX) is different from others in the cryptocurrency world, which are focused on settling trades; the Akash DEX is designed to settle requests for application deployments.

Weekly challenges will focus on provider and tenant DEX operations–creating orders, bidding, handling leases–while long-running challenges will focus on supporting a healthy network foundation.

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Weekly 1: Capture the Orders


The Akashian Challenge: Phase 2 will encompass three weeks of challenges. Weekly challenges focus on different aspects of network functionality each week. These challenges are designed to test specific features of the DEX.

The Akashian Challenge team will be creating orders continuously. The Week 1 challenge asks users to explore how to operate as a provider by finding and bidding on leases. This can be accomplished by running the provider daemon, using `akashctl` and some `bash` scripting, or by building custom tooling.

Reward Opportunities:

  • Validators whose providers have won the most number of leases.

  • Validators whose providers have placed the most number of bids.

  • Bonus Category: Blog post detailing how winning provider bids works in the Akash system, and custom code to do so.

Long-Running Challenges


Long-running challenges are active for the entire Akashian Challenge. They’re designed to encourage participation, and present an opportunity for us to observe longer term behaviors of the network. 

These long-running challenges include the following, detailed in last week’s Phase 2 blog:

  • Validator Architecture and Monitoring

  • Network Infrastructure Support

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