Week in Review With Greg Osuri: Nov 14th - Nov 18th, 2022

November 18, 2022

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Week in Review With Greg Osuri: Nov 14th - Nov 18th, 2022

This weekly recap series covers the ecosystem updates you’re used to hearing in our Akash Weekly Twitter Spaces in around 500 words. This is the fastest way to get a weekly rundown directly from the Founder & CEO of Overclock Labs — Greg Osuri.

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Akash’s Mainnet 4 is LIVE

Mainnet 4 is now live on Akash Network after a successful upgrade yesterday. For more information on Mainnet 4 and resources for upgrading — check out this post on Akash’s blog.

Updated CLI release notes: https://docs.akash.network/mainnet4-upgrade-docs/akash-v0.18.0-cli-release-notes

CLI detailed steps: https://docs.akash.network/guides/cli/detailed-steps

Overclock Console is coming soon

Now that Mainnet 4 is live on Akash Overclock Console will be next to launch. We’re currently testing the product internally and will provide more information over the next few weeks when we have a date for the public beta launch. Follow Akash’s official social channels, and head over to Akash’s Discord to keep up with the latest news on Overclock Console.

Cloudmos Alerts

ICYMI: Cloudmos launched its Alerts product, which lets users keep an eye on the balances of their escrow accounts. This makes it easy to get notifications to top up wallet balances so that deployments don’t run out of escrow funds — which is one of the main reasons we see closed deployments on Akash.

Cloudmos alerts will also keep users up to date on current governance proposals.

Token Economics 2.0

Not financial advice.

As the AKT utility token secures Akash Network, we are exploring potential options to implement a value accrual mechanism. The token price directly correlates to the network’s security, so Akash should incentivize token holders. The most likely mechanism that Akash accomplishes this will be through a burn mechanism tied to stable/fiat settlements. We will keep the community updated as we get closer to releasing a governance proposal.

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