Week in Review With Greg Osuri: Nov 7th - Nov 11th, 2022

November 11, 2022

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Week in Review With Greg Osuri: Nov 7th - Nov 11th, 2022

Akash’s Mainnet 4: The governance vote is pending

The governance proposal is currently out for voting and is on track to pass with a 99%+ “yes” vote. If you are an AKT staker, please vote to ensure the Mainnet 4 upgrade is completed as scheduled.

The flagship feature of Mainnet 4, a dedicated IP address marketplace, will not only bring Akash closer to parity with large public cloud providers but will also enable new applications and use cases, such as Solana nodes — which have received significant interest over the last few weeks due to recent shocks to the Solana network.

As Hetzner continues to remove web3 from its platform, more projects and protocols realize that now is the time to move to the decentralized cloud. Akash is leading that transition.

We appreciate the recent interest and engagement from the Solana community. We look forward to working together to get Solana nodes up and running on Akash once Mainnet 4 is live.

We also look forward to new features from projects like MASQ that Akash’s dedicated IP marketplace will enable.

Alani Kuye: State of the Akash Ecosystem

In case you missed it: Check out Alani’s ecosystem update to get an overview of all the projects building on Akash.

Spheron’s web3 masterclass

Tomorrow 11/12/22: Spheron is hosting a web3 masterclass in Delhi, and Alani will speak on behalf of the Overclock Labs team.

Check out the event details and find the link to sign up in the tweet below.

Blog Series: Building the Open Cloud

Part 4 of our Building the Open Cloud series by Anil Murty is coming soon. In case you’ve missed any of the previous entries, check out the past installments below:

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Read the full summary of this week with Akash Weekly: Lex & Arel Avellino of Passage.

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