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Week in Review With Greg Osuri: Oct 31st - Nov 4th, 2022

by Zach Horn


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Welcome to our new blog update series. This brief weekly rundown will cover the ecosystem updates you’re used to hearing in our Akash Weekly Twitter Spaces in around 500 words. This is the fastest way to get a weekly rundown directly from the Founder & CEO of Overclock Labs — Greg Osuri.

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SF Tech Week

SF Tech Week is back and currently ongoing from November 1st-6th. Greg Osuri spoke on a panel at Draper University on Thursday alongside Adit Gupta (Mirana Ventures), Jazear Brooks (Sifchain), Jayendra Jog (Sei Network), and Neel Somani (Eclipse).

Spheron’s web3 Masterclass

Akash Network ecosystem partner Spheron is hosting a web3 masterclass with our own Alani Kuye, Technical Program Manager at Overclock Labs.

There are two sessions:

  1. November 5th in Nigeria

  2. November 12th in Delhi

Luna’s Akash Terraform Provider

Akash Insider Luna’s Terraform Provider is gaining traction. Greg highlights that the Provider has received more than 800 downloads. We want to spotlight the work of the incredible Akash community — who do so much work to build the Akash ecosystem.

Follow Luna on Twitter, and check out the Terraform Provider here.  

Mainnet 4, MASQ, and Urbit

Mainnet 4 enables IP Leases: an open IP marketplace on Akash. IP Leases will open up functionality for projects like Urbit — whose users can host nodes on Akash via IP Leases.

We believe Urbit should run on the decentralized cloud. Stay tuned for the launch announcement of Mainnet 4.

Check out MASQ here.

Check out Urbit here.

Check your AKT delegations

Double-check your AKT delegations to make sure the validator is active. You will not earn staking rewards if you have AKT delegated to a jailed/unbonded validator. See the tweet below for more information:

Redelegation tweet from Smart Stake

Vote for new holiday Akash merch

Cast your vote for this season’s holiday merch. Voting ends on Monday, so make sure to choose before then. The winner will be featured in the Akash merch store.

Generative AI & Akash’s upcoming GPU marketplace

Akash Network’s vision includes an open marketplace for GPU compute. The current distribution of GPU computing is inefficient, and we believe Akash’s upcoming GPU marketplace will address the exponentially increasing demand.

Akash is working to position itself as the best-in-class marketplace for GPU compute.

Read more: Open AI, “AI and Compute”

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