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Announcing Our Founding Member Challenge Winners & Leaderboard!

by Michael Gushansky


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Four weeks ago, we launched the Akash Founding Member Rewards Program for early contributors to Akash’s testnet and community. The program involved 3 progressively difficult challenges along with bonus challenges, and contributors joined from all over the world, including the U.S., Korea, Japan, China, Europe, India, and South America.

Deploying on the World’s First Supercloud for Serverless Computing

Each challenge had a corresponding reward, for a total of 3,500 Akash Tokens (AKT), with bonuses of up to 2,000 AKT.  

  • 1st Challenge, Level 1: Deploy an end-to-end encrypted chat client on Akash. Details.

  • 2nd Challenge, Level 2: Deploy a secure, decentralized, real-time messaging service on Akash. Details.

  • 3rd Challenge, Level 3: Sell your spare capacity on Akash. Details.

The challenges engaged contributors with Akash Network, the world’s first supercloud for serverless computing, and taught them how to deploy on our open, permissionless, and secure marketplace for compute cycles. 

Contributors from around the world worked together to help each other complete challenges. Admittedly, all this collaboration made us warm and fuzzy, and this is the community we envisioned when we set out to build Akash. 

Wall of Love

The Founding Member Challenges ended last Friday, December 13th, and the warm and fuzzies continued on our Wall of Love:

Congratulations to the Winners of our Founding Member Rewards Challenges!

Today, we’re excited to announce the Founder Badge winners of our Founding Member Rewards Program Challenges listed in the top leaderboard below. Contributors who completed all three challenges successfully earned our coveted Founder Badge. We’ve also listed contributors who completed each of the three challenges. We’re impressed by the resourcefulness, patience, collaboration, and grit that was displayed these past four weeks by our winners!

We recognize that there are other ways of contributing to Akash’s community, such as helping others navigate through the challenges, or sharing technical guides.  

We’ve identified the Top 5 Community Prize Winners, and these generous and supportive community members will each receive our limited edition plug-and-earn Akash Supermini portable server! Below are the Community Winners.

The Akash Supermini enables you to quickly and easily become a node for Akash, and earn your favorite currency from offering compute to Akash’s marketplace! 






Reserve Your Akash Supermini Now

Akash Founding Member Challenge Winners

Ionut Scirlet3575Ilinca3575Forbole3550Bart3550baymax193550Martin Phineas3550Anil3550Yevgen3525Ilhan3525joe lei3525Julien Bisconti3525novy3525Shai Mohaban3525KalpaTech3525Peter van Mourik3525Jack Chan3525AG3500bitsndbyts3500bi233500Yana3500Viktoriia Naminasenko3500Srinivas Baride3500Nelli3500Campbell3500Ethan Kravitz3500Node A-Team3500cathylong3500Easy 2 Stake3500Alex3500Anna Yakovenko3500Natalia Galitskaia3500ping3500Eko Mirhard3500Vyacheslav Mochalov3500Sankalp Aggarwal3500Mirror3500Cypher Core3500Junhyung Cho3500nodeasy2333500castlenode3500SukHee Lee3500Max3500andrei sid3500btob333500Laddaf Samad3500

Akash Founding Member Challenge Contributors

Kath Carville1550Andreas Haraldsvik1525Khoa Phan1525Jonathan Howard1525George Bunea1525Jack Zampolin1525Egorov Mikhail1500Liu Zhi1500Natalia Morozova1500Riccardo Montagnin1500ravali1500Marri Harish1000Alexander Ellis525LQY500UbikCapital500Ana-Maria500moe500Prathyusha500Boz M500Sreevi500Alexey Yakovenko500Kirit Thadaka500

Special Recognition: 10,000 AKT awarded to Vitwit for creating a provider dashboard and faucet https://akash.vitwit.com

All Founding Member Badge assets are available here: https://github.com/ovrclk/ecosystem/tree/master/doc

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