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Introducing Artur Troian: Senior Software Engineer

by Maly Ly


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“I’m excited to join Akash to help achieve 100% utilization of all cloud compute resources around the world.”

Our vision is to enable architects and builders of the internet greater freedom to improve the human experience. This week, we’re excited to welcome an incredibly talented architect and builder, Artur Troian, to our team. Artur is known in the open-source community for his work on VolantMQ, a High-Performance MQTT Server, and has an exciting Github.

“I connected with the Akash team, and the interviews felt more like discussions, where my time and experience were respected—this was different from the usual formal interview process. I was impressed with Akash’s documentation, and the market opportunity.”

With a background encompassing hardware and software solutions in the IoT and wearables industry, Artur previously led product architecture and engineering at NotifAi, an IoT hardware company he cofounded. Prior to that, he served as tech lead and managed the software engineering team at Cyber Vision, Jawbone’s offshore entity.

A Focus on Real-World Application

Artur started building hardware at the age of 13. This early nurture of his builder tendencies transitioned into a career in workable hardware and software solutions. He approaches development with a focus on functionality and real-world use cases.

“Blockchain has been over-hyped and misused. You have to understand it and apply it to where it can be useful. For Akash, blockchain is a great fit to handle marketplace transactions on the platform.”

Integrating Hardware and Software at Akash

On the difference between hardware and software development, Artur says,“The cost of error for hardware is higher than for the cloud. You need a higher quality of code as well.”

At Akash, where we have both a platform, Supercloud, and a hardware product, Supermini, Artur will apply his background in hardware and software development to help us materialize The Unstoppable Cloud.

“I like getting my hands in the code. You can’t be a good architect without writing code.”

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