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The Akashian Challenge Live Stream: This Friday May 22nd

by Michael Gushansky


banner image for the post The Akashian Challenge Live Stream: This Friday May 22nd

When: Friday, 5/22 4PM UTC: 9AM PST
Hosts: Greg Osuri, Jack Zampolin
Duration: 30 min
How to Access: Live stream link

The Live Stream Event

We’re into the third week of The Akashian Challenge, our incentivized testnet. 211 teams and 91 active validators are vying for 3,000,000 AKT total rewards and 64 validator spots for Mainnet—the competition is heating up!

With participants from around the world, The Akashian Challenge is set to be the largest testnet since Cosmos’ Game of Stakes.

Join Akash CEO Greg Osuri and Pylon’s Jack Zampolin for a spirited live stream event this Friday, May 22nd at 4PM UTC / 9AM PST.

Greg and Jack will share insights and updates, and present awards to participants. Get your burning Challenge questions answered during our Q&A.

Akashian Challengers who attend through the end of the live stream will get a chance to win the super limited and highly coveted Supermini, the most powerful portable supercomputer.

About Greg Osuri

As cofounder and CEO of Akash Network, Greg has transformed the future of cloud computing. Prior to Akash, Greg founded AngelHack, the world’s largest hackathon organization with over 150,000 developers across 50 cities worldwide. A renowned open source, distributed systems, and blockchain developer and thought leader, and applied economist, Greg has helped launch several developer companies including Firebase (acquired by Google).

He launched his career at IBM and later designed Kaiser Permanente’s first cloud architecture. Greg is a frequently featured speaker, and was instrumental in the passing of California’s first Blockchain law, providing the first expert-witness testimony at the Senate.

About Jack Zampolin

As cofounder of Pylon Validation Services and former Director of Product at Tendermint / Cosmos, Jack is renowned as one of the top Cosmos validators and instrumental in developing Cosmos’ Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. Prior to this, he served as developer and evangelist at Blockstack and InfluxData.

Passionate about the intersection of technology and human understanding, Jack is a tireless advocate for bridging the gap between abstraction and application.

As an advisor, he provided valuable insights and guidance on Akash’s migration to Cosmos SDK.

Get access to our Live stream here.

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