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Maly Ly| Nov 30, 2020| 4 min read

The Akashian Challenge Phase 3: Week 1 is LIVE!

Akashian Challengers have landed, and The Akashian Challenge Phase 3 Week 1 is officially LIVE!!!

Phase 3 is the last phase of our three phase incentivized testnet, and will take place over the next two weeks. 

With 500,000 Akash Token (AKT) rewards at stake, you’ll get the chance to explore the world’s first decentralized cloud and help us build a strong Mainnet 2.

Start the Week 1 challenges by clicking Get Started Now, or click on Learn More to visit The Akashian Challenge site for information on Week 1 challenges and rewards.

Let the games begin!

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How to Join

To start, please sign up here if you have not participated in Akash’s previous testnets.

  1. KYC/AML: Complete KYC/AML. This is required to claim rewards, but not for participation. Please reach out on our Discord dev chat if you have any problems with the KYC process.

  2. Tax Documents: W-8 BEN or W9. Once your KYC application is approved, our team will send either a W-8 BEN for international participants or a W9 via HelloSign.

Key Dates

The Phase 3 network and challenges will be live for two weeks:

  • Week 1: November 30, 2020 - December 4, 2020

  • Week 2: December 7, 2020 - December 11, 2020

Rewards Scoring:

  • December 14, 2020: Rewards earned from the first week will be posted

  • December 21, 2020: Complete results of rewards will be posted.

  • Scoring Note: where submissions satisfy more than one reward, all rewards will be granted for that submission.

Goals & Overview

Integrating performance enhancements from Cosmos SDK v0.40, The Akashian Challenge Testnet 3 will test and showcase Akash DeCloud’s deployment platform. Akashian Challengers will be incentivized to deploy applications using the Akash Network.

Encompassing two weeks, Phase 3 will include guided challenges for deploying applications of increasing complexity — from simple single-page applications to blockchain network components, and open ended challenges where users can show off their Akash OPS skills by extending the guided examples to deploy any application they desire — from DeFi to CI.

There are additional rewards for participation outside of the deployment challenges, including contributions such as active validator participation, writing blog posts and how-to guides, and sharing novel uses of our platform.

Phase 3 Goals:

  • Test platform functionality for Mainnet 2

  • Distribute tokens to potential users for Mainnet 2

  • Build a catalog of applications (SDLs) to launch Mainnet 2

Phase 3 Challenges:

  • Guided Challenges 

    • These challenges are meant to be used as step-by-step guides to deploying applications on our network.

    • Each challenge will have accompanying instructions and example deployment configurations.

  • Open Ended Challenges

    • As a generic cloud platform, Akash DeCloud has the potential to be used in a wide variety of use cases. This open-ended challenge is meant to explore what kinds of applications can be deployed on DeCloud, and how.

    • You’ll support the Akash DeCloud community by finding unique applications to deploy and sharing your deployment configuration via a pull request on Awesome Akash.

  • Network Support Challenges

    • While validators and other network components are not necessarily targeted in this testnet, they are of course essential to maintaining a healthy DeCloud. 

    • Leverage this testnet to practice your operations, or try new ones.

    • To earn rewards for this challenge, you should be actively participating — keep your component(s) up-to-date and respond to any network proposals that may come up.

  • Community Content Challenges

    • Drop your knowledge about Akash DeCloud to earn rewards. The community content challenges support community members who independently publish articles and guides related to the Akash Network. 

      • Anything Goes: An open-ended category where "Anything Goes!" with community-generated content related to Akash. 

      • DeCloud for DeFi: A category calling on our community to leverage Akash DeCloud as the infrastructure supporting DeFi applications. 

Phase 3 will accelerate our vision for a decentralized and open cloud computing marketplace and serve as the launchpad for Mainnet 2. 


You can check out The Akashian Challenge site for a detailed schedule of reward opportunities. A total of 500,000 AKT is allocated for Phase 3 Rewards including:

  1. Guided Challenges

  2. Open Ended Challenges

  3. Network Support Challenges

  4. Community Content Challenges

  5. Bonus Challenges

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