The Unstoppable Update: March 2021

March 11, 2021

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The Unstoppable Update: March 2021

The migration of work and life to the cloud, accelerated by the pandemic, as well as the centralization and consolidation of big tech, validates the need for a decentralized and open alternative to centralized cloud.

We set out to build the world’s first decentralized and open cloud with a vision of enabling builders of the Internet with freedom and flexibility to expand the human experience. 

More than ever, we’re committed to a future where people have control over their data.

Earlier this week, we took a big step towards this future with the launch of Akash MAINNET 2, the MVP of the world’s first decentralized open-source cloud. MAINNET 2 integrates five years of development, and learnings from four of the ecosystem’s most ambitious testnets.

This launch, along with our recently announced partnership with Equinix Metal, the largest data center provider in the world, and our critical work with Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, greatly progresses our vision for The Unstoppable Cloud.

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Akash MAINNET 2 Launch

On Monday, March 8, 2021, we announced the historic MVP launch of Akash MAINNET 2, the world’s first decentralized open-source cloud.

Akash MAINNET 2 progresses a vision and a journey that started five years ago, when two open-source developers set out to enable builders of the Internet with more freedom and flexibility to expand the human experience.

Akash MAINNET 2 is the culmination of five years of development and four of the ecosystem’s most ambitious testnets, including Phase 3 of The Akashian Challenge, where we saw over 460 developers from around the world (second highest number of participants after Ethereum’s testnet) deploy 3600+ applications on the world’s first decentralized open-source cloud.

As the first open-source cloud and the only viable decentralized cloud alternative to centralized cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, Akash MAINNET 2 empowers developers to break free from the limitations of traditional cloud infrastructure.

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Akash Network Integrates with Equinix Metal

We’re excited to announce that Akash Network is integrating with Equinix Metal and enabling developers and companies to decentralize their cloud infrastructure through Akash MAINNET 2.

Equinix is the world’s largest data center and colocation infrastructure provider, with 220 data centers in 25 countries. 

Through Equinix Metal, Equinix’s on-demand and interconnected bare metal service, we’ll be able to provide developers, companies, and projects across the blockchain ecosystem with a faster, more efficient, and lower-cost decentralized cloud alternative, with nearly unlimited use cases. 

To start, Akash Network will enable a vibrant and growing, interconnected, and interoperable Cosmos ecosystem, beginning with non-critical workloads and eventually full nodes, to run on a decentralized high-performance non-custodial cloud at a lower cost.

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Akash Network Develops Critical IBC Relayer

In development for over three years, IBC is the flagship feature of the Cosmos Network. For crypto and blockchain, where interoperability and composability are essential to continued growth for decentralized sectors like decentralized finance (DeFi), IBC is the most promising production ready solution.

IBC enables different blockchain protocols to communicate and transact with each other independently, providing a framework to connect the global economy to the blockchain. Participants on existing blockchains will be able to interact and exchange with each other across chains. 

The ability for chains to transact and interoperate will be transformational for the industry.

The ICF awarded Akash with a grant to build and maintain the IBC Relayer. Essential to launching the IBC protocol and the only way users will be able to use IBC, the Relayer is the user interface that enables all transfers and transactions on IBC.

We migrated and developed features from Cosmos’s Game of Zones, Cosmos’s proof-of-concept testnet, to a production ready IBC-compatible Relayer.

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BitMax Net Buy Promotion for Akash

To celebrate the launch of Akash MAINNET 2, and Akash Network jointly launched a limited-time net buy promotional event with 50,000 USDT worth of AKT tokens up for grab. Details are as follows:

Time: Mar 8, 9:00 a.m. EST - Mar 22, 10:00 a.m. EDT

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BitMart Best Spotlight Project Promotion

To celebrate its 3 Year Anniversary, BitMart has included AKT token in a special competition to win the Best Spotlight Project on BitMart Exchange.

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