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The Unstoppable Update: September 2020

by Greg Osuri


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This month, our team will be closing out an incredibly productive Q3 with the realization of our Mainnet, launching next week on Friday, September 25th.

In the past month, we continued to focus on Q4 product roadmap planning while preparing to integrate upstream software updates to Cosmos SDK.

We also announced an industry-defining partnership with Cosmos’s Interchain Foundation to accelerate development of Inter-Blockchain protocol, and bring true interoperability and scale to blockchain and crypto. As the first decentralized cloud for DeFi, Akash’s partnership with ICF will further enable us to accelerate growth for DeFi, and decentralized projects and organizations.

We continued to expand our global reach and launched our Russian community, with many more regional expansions in the coming months.

We thank you for being a part of The Unstoppable Cloud, and look forward to sharing more exciting news in the coming weeks.

Q4 2020 Roadmap

As we enter the fourth quarter of the year, we’re excited to share a number of exciting updates to our product roadmap. Akash Network’s Mainnet is scheduled for launch on Friday, September 25th at 9AM PST/4PM UTC. Our focus areas for Akash Network’s Mainnet launch are to ensure network stability, support staking, and enable transfers via governance.
Phase 3 of The Akashian Challenge incentivized testnet will serve as the launchpad for Mainnet 2.  We’ll be dedicating 1,000,000 AKTs in rewards, and are aiming for a mid-to-late October launch, leading up to Mainnet 2 in November 2020. Our goal for Phase 3 is to build a catalogue of deployed applications. Learn More >

Akash DeCloud for DeFi

Decentralized finance needs decentralized cloud. Akash is building the first DeCloud for DeFi, enabling unprecedented scale and performance. In an article launched this month, I explore some of the challenges facing this nascent industry, and propose solutions.

Akash DeCloud is a vertically integrated solution that enables developers to deploy interfaces and nodes without friction with the best price-performance in the market. Find out how Akash makes DeFi Unstoppable. Learn More >

Akash + Cosmos’s Interchain Foundation Partnership

We announced a partnership with Cosmos’s ICF to make IBC protocol a reality, enabling us to integrate interchain technologies faster than any other company. With this partnership, Akash solidifies an essential position in the Cosmos ecosystem to accelerate development of the IBC interoperability protocol.

We’ll be working on the leading edge of research, deploying live production systems to make IBC a reality. Our partnership will increase composability and massive scaling for decentralized projects like DeFi. Learn More >

Earning Potential of AKT

Core to the Akash platform is a token economic model that uses a native currency, Akash Token (AKT) to solve for volatility (one of the biggest challenges for adoption in crypto), while ensuring economic security of the platform’s public blockchain.

Our token economics model bootstraps early supply by using inflation as a subsidy, and activates an incentive structure that unlocks network effects to accelerate growth. Through this article by Cheng Wang, Akash’s CFO, you can develop an understanding of the economic nuts and bolts of the Akash Token (AKT) and its economic potential.  Learn More >

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