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Akash Network Launches Korean Community!

by Maly Ly


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With a long history and familiarity with tokens and digital payments that has spanned decades, Koreans have been at the forefront of crypto adoption and growth. Korea has the highest percentage of citizens who use crypto, and the Korean government has made regulatory and investment commitments to expand the crypto/blockchain industry.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Akash Network’s Korean Community to expand our global vision for The Unstoppable Cloud.

Akash Network Korean Content

We welcome Korean audiences around the world to learn more about Akash Network and Akash Token (AKT) by visiting our Korean website.

For those new to The Unstoppable Cloud, we welcome you to check out the following resources in Korean, to learn more about us:

Q4 2020 Updates

Akash IEO on BitMax

BitMax.io, the industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, launched the primary listing and auction of the Akash Token (AKT) on October 15th, and the listing will go live today at 10am EDT, October 16th.


Chainlink: We recently announced that Akash Network is to integrate with Chainlink to enable more accurate, secure, and reliable price data on Akash’s DeCloud platform.

Kava: Through the integration of Kava’s USDX, Akash becomes the first decentralized cloud platform to have a stablecoin, allowing cloud providers to avoid the market volatility of cryptocurrency, and developers to pay for cloud computing using USDX. This integration strengthens AKT’s liquidity and provides Akash users with a stable medium of exchange, while achieving greater adoption for Kava’s stablecoin and an increased debt ceiling from AKT collateral.

Cosmos’s ICF for IBC Development: We’re thrilled to announce that Akash Network is solidifying an essential position in the Cosmos ecosystem through partnership with the Interchain Foundation. We’re partnering with ICF to accelerate development of the IBC interoperability protocol. Our integral contribution to the development of IBC will enable us to adopt and benefit from interchain technologies faster than any other company.

Akash DeCloud Platform

In Q2 2020, we successfully launched The Akashian Challenge, our incentivized testnet. The Akashian Challenge was the second largest testnet in the Cosmos ecosystem since Game of Stakes, and the second largest active testnet after Ethereum 2.0, The Akashian Challenge attracted 99 active Challengers from around the world, competing for 64 validator positions at mainnet.

To properly compensate cloud providers on Akash Network, we launched Mainnet 1 on September 25th with 64 validators to stabilize the staking set and establish economic value for Akash Token (AKT). 

Mainnet 1 is the beginning of Akash DeCloud and network governance. Mainnet 1 enables staking and governance operations including the ability to delegate to validators and vote on governance proposals.

Akash Supermini

We sold out of pre-orders for the first production run of our hardware product, Supermini portable supercomputer, within 3 weeks. We developed Supermini to give people control and privacy over their data, and to become participants of the cloud. 

Owners will be able to run server apps and machine learning workloads, and offer their Supermini’s unused compute on Akash to earn Akash Token (AKT). 

Supermini leverages Akash’s proprietary cloud and blockchain technologies, developed over four years. Join our Korean Community Telegram to get the latest updates on the Supermini.

Join Our Korean Community Now

To celebrate the launch of our Korean community, we’ll be launching exclusive giveaways next week in Akash’s Korean Telegram channel.

We invite you to join the Akash Korean community to get the latest Akash and AKT Token news and updates, and help us build the decentralized future of the Internet! 

Join Akash Korean Community

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