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Announcing our Filebase + Akash Hackathon Winners

by Kelsey Ruiz


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Together with Filebase and Akash, developers and enterprises can quickly migrate from centralized cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, onto a decentralized network of cloud providers at a reduced cost. 

Back in July, we teamed up with Filebase to break down barriers when it comes to building the dWeb. As part of that partnership, we challenged our community to build the best app that integrates Filebase and Akash, offering $10,000 in $AKT and $250 in free object storage.

Over the course of the two-month-long hackathon, we received 16 total projects and were amazed with the quality and creativity of each one. Below are the top 3 projects that came out on top. 

3rd - QR-Share by zjor

QR-Share is an app that allows you to instantly share a photo or file from mobile to mobile, or from PC to mobile.

First, you upload a file to Filebase S3 which gives you a public URL that is then generated into a QR-code. This allows you to share a photo with people in its original quality without adding them to your contacts which can be useful at public events or in large group settings. 

Simple, elegant, and useful. This thoughtful use of Filebase and Akash displays the power that technologies like Pastebin pioneered. Taking this to the next level with QR codes and file downloading this tool has real-world applications that thoroughly impressed the judges.

Click here to see the full submission and here to check out the QR-Share app. 

2nd - Akash Filebase AI/ML DeCloud Platform by SpacePotato 

“Machine learning and AI require lots of storage (for storing data, model checkpoints, production models, etc.) and lots of compute (for experimenting with and training different models, serving the models in production, etc.). Filebase and Akash respectively provide both at a fraction of the cost of their centralized counterparts, but there is no AI/ML platform to take advantage of them right now. Let’s change that.”  


Introducing The Akash Filebase AI/ML DeCloud Platform. 

Key features of this project include: 

  • Users will be able to specify and deploy a custom compute instance that comes with a hosted Jupyter notebook environment at the click of a button.

  • Within their Jupyter environment, users will be able to load datasets from Filebase S3 and train their models. Model checkpoints and final models will also be uploaded to Filebase. Users can close their Jupyter deployment and the models will still be available from Filebase.

  • From the web interface, users will be able to see all their models saved to Filebase. There will be a UI that allows users to pick a model to deploy as an endpoint, so that consuming ML apps can use the endpoint to perform model inference.

Not only did this project impress the Filebase and Akash teams, but community members loved it too. 

Check out the full project, here

1st - The Akashian Public Library by Rodrigo Rochin

The Akashian Public Library is a platform that allows anyone to find interesting copyright. This includes free books, comics, documents, media and information, and accessing the library is completely free.

There is also a calendar with important events related to Akash, Filebase, blockchain and tech. The team is working on adding more features, which will become available very soon.

This was by far the most polished and has real-world applications right out of the gate. The care and attention to detail won out and placed the Akashian Public Library as the first place winner of the competition. Click here to view the full project. 

To check out some of the hackathons we’re currently running, head to the Akash Community Forum to see how you can get involved.

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