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Earn 1,000 Tokens and the Akash Founder Level 2 Badge!

by Maly Ly


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Thank you for participating in the Akash Founding Member Rewards First Challenge! For those of you just tuning in, the Akash Founding Member Rewards Program is for early contributors to Akash’s testnet. Our community rewards are a warm thank you for early contributions and support.

The program is limited to the top 100 members and involves 3 challenges.  Each challenge has a corresponding reward, for a total of 3,500 Akash Tokens (AKT), with bonuses of 25 AKT.

To learn more and participate, check out our Founding Member Rewards First Challenge article and stay tuned for our challenge schedule:

  • Wednesday, Nov. 6th:  Akash Founder Level 1, First Challenge is worth 500 AKTs.

  • Tuesday, Nov. 12th:  Akash Founder Level 2, Second Challenge is worth 1,000 AKTs.

  • Tuesday, Nov. 19th:  Akash Founder Level 3, Third Challenge is worth 2,000 AKTs.

  • The deadline to complete our three challenges is Friday, November 22nd at 5 PM PST.

  • Tuesday, Dec 3rd:  Winners Announced!

First Challenge Results!

Last Wednesday, Nov. 6th, we shared Akash’s Founder Level 1: First Challenge in our blog article. The challenge was to deploy an end-to-end encrypted chat client on Akash and attach a custom domain. And the world rose to the challenge! We had incredible participation from around the world, and gained Founding Member hopefuls from the U.S., Korea, Japan, China, Europe, India, and South America.

Check out our Twitter Wall of Love

Introducing Akash Founder Level 2 Second Challenge: Deploy Your Own Private Matrix Server

This week, we present the Second Challenge, which qualifies you to earn 1,000 Akash Tokens (AKT).

Akash is a marketplace for cloud compute that’s encrypted, private, and decentralized, and an important benefit of deployment on Akash  is private communications for your community or team. 

Last week we introduced a way for you to have an end-to-end encrypted chat server, and this week, we’ll enable you to deploy your own private matrix server with complete sovereignty over your communications. A matrix server is an open network to secure decentralized communication. It is normally very expensive and difficult to manage. But not on Akash Network.

Akash Founder Level 2 Second Challenge Instructions

Reward: 1,000 AKT

Challenge: Deploy a secure, decentralized, real-time messaging service on Akash.

Winners: Submissions are measured by the timestamp of the git commit — that pass the qualification criteria. 

Instructions: Follow the Founder Level 2 challenge in this guide

Akash Founder Level 2 Bonus (25 AKT)

Bonus AKTs will be awarded to the community members that help us spread our vision for creating a truly open-source cloud. Sharing your experience on twitter and tagging us will earn you an additional 25 AKT. Please note, this bonus is available only upon completion of the main challenge.

Qualification Criteria

Although we do not limit anyone from participating, to claim AKT rewards:

  • You must not be a resident of any of the OFAC sanctioned countries.

  • You must pass KYC/AML verification when collecting the reward. The details for which will be posted at a later time.

The top 100 to participate and complete all three challenges will be qualified to become an Akash Founding Member.

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