The Akashian Challenge Phase 1: Centauri Release Update

May 5, 2020

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The Akashian Challenge  Phase 1: Centauri Release Update

With 185 registrants from around the world and 3,000,000 AKT at stake, The Akashian Challenge Phase 1 is underway! 

Registration is still open, and you can get started if you’ve already registered.

A reminder that Phase 1 is made up of four week-long stages with different objectives. You can earn tokens by completing missions related to operating and validating the Akash Blockchain. The missions will range from setting up Akash nodes to governing the network.

Phase 1 launched this week with the Centauri release. The goal of Centauri release is to launch the network in a decentralized manner with a minimum set of 64 validators.

You can check below for the Centauri release schedule, and be sure to complete the Centauri missions this week.

Have questions? Feel free to connect with us on our Telegram and review The Akashian Challenge page for the latest information.

And now…go forth and explore–fortune favors the bold!

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Centauri Release

As the first release of The Akashian Challenge incentivized testnet, Centauri has three critical milestones that lead to the launch of the network on May 8th, 2020 1600 UTC.

Follow the Phase 1 guide for instructions.


Visit The Akashian Challenge page for a detailed schedule of rewards. A total of 3 million AKT (3% of AKT) is allocated for rewards that include:

  1. 64 Finalist Rewards

  2. One-Off Challenges

  3. Phase Completion

  4. Top 5, 10, 20 Finalists

  5. Bi-Weekly Winners

  6. Bonus Challenges

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