The Unstoppable Update: December 2020

December 10, 2020

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The Unstoppable Update: December 2020

As more of our work and play continues to transition to the cloud, the need for a more flexible, scalable and lower cost cloud has never been greater. 

With the successful launch of The Akashian Challenge Phase 3, one of the most ambitious testnets in the ecosystem, and our second exchange listing on BitMart this past month, we continue to accelerate our vision of The Unstoppable Cloud.

We’ve been astounded by the level of global participation and excitement surrounding Phase 3, and we’re grateful to Akashian Challengers and our community for helping us build the world’s first decentralized cloud. 

Awesome stats from Phase 3:

  • 2,438 Application Deployments

  • 379 Developers

  • 100 Active Validators

During Phase 3, Serum DEX UI became the first instance a major DeFi project is hosted on the DeCloud.

Apps launched on Akash so far include Uniswap, Sushiswap, Steemit, Wordpress, Tetris and many more. 

The Akashian Challenge Phase 3 Launch

With 500,000 Akash Token (AKT) rewards at stake, The Akashian Challenge Phase 3 enables developers to explore the world’s first decentralized cloud and help us build a strong Mainnet 2, while earning AKT.

Phase 3 enables users to deploy web based cloud applications, such as static sites and API servers – the most common DeFi application components. This phase also enabled dAPP developers to deploy blockchain nodes on our network as an alternative to expensive and inflexible cloud providers such as AWS and Google Cloud. 

Here’s some love we’ve received so far from our community:

As we wrap up Phase 3 of the Akashian Challenge we look forward to taking key learnings from this testnet and applying them to the launch of our Mainnet 2.

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Akash Network Partnership with Cosmostation

We announced our integration with Cosmostation, the number one wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem. A trusted wallet provider for other top Cosmos projects including Akash partner Kava Labs, Terra, and Iris, Cosmostation is built on the Cosmos SDK and has mobile wallet apps on Android and iOS.

Cosmostation’s goals are to operate and maintain a secure validator infrastructure for the stability of the network, and to provide essential tools for Cosmonauts to explore the Cosmos universe.

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Announcing Akash Advisor Brian Fox, Creator of Bash Shell

We’re excited to announce that Brian Fox has joined Akash Network as an Advisor. If you’ve ever used the GNU Bash, GNU Makeinfo, GNU Info, GNU Finger, GNU Echo, or GNU Emacs, chances are, you’ve heard of open source pioneer and innovator Brian Fox and have leveraged his ubiquitous and valuable open source contributions. Brian’s strategic and technical guidance, experience, and ideas will be invaluable as we build the world’s first decentralized cloud to enable greater access, flexibility, and freedom for builders of the future.

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AKT Token Now On BitMart

As we’ve continued to grow our global community and demand for AKT has increased, our team has been focused on expanding liquidity and access to AKT. As the first Akash exchange partner to enable residents of the United States to access AKT, we’re thrilled that we can now offer even more people around the world access to AKT, and continue to grow our accelerating global community through our partnership with BitMart, a premier global digital asset platform.

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Phase 3 Testnet Livestream

In this week’s Phase 3 live stream, featuring Akash Founders Greg Osuri and Adam Bozanich, we’ll be sharing updates and a live demo, answering all your burning questions, and picking surprise giveaway winners.

Join our host Global Marketing Manager Michael Gushansky for another Akashian Challenge live stream event this Friday Dec. 11th at 9AM PST / 5 PM UTC!

Last week’s surprise giveaway winners will be revealed!

See you there:

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