Akash Network GPU Working Group

This working group is dedicated to figuring out everything that needs to happen for Akash to offer GPUs on its provider network. This includes coming up with specifications for provider, deployments, clients, inventory sourcing, understanding application needs, integrations with partners etc.


#1Tuesday, February 7, 2023 11:00 AM PT (Pacific Time)LinkLinkLink


  • Anil Murty (@anilmurty)
  • Artur Troian (@troian)
  • Adam Bozanich (@boz)
  • Greg Osuri (@gosuri)


  • Decide on tradeoffs w.r.to cross vendor vs just Nvidia, need for private containers, bandwidth pricing.
  • Define requirements for provider setup & Attiributes
  • Define requirements for deployment (SDL)
  • Communicate required changes to various client teams
  • Form partnerships with data center providers, mining OSes and others to build inventory
  • Conduct user research with ML & AI App developers as well as middleware platforms (that offer models as a service) to understand end-to-end user experience
  • Run Alpha/ Beta programs
  • Figure out events to pitch Akash GPU support at

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