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Streamline deployment with Cloudmos

Effortless application deployment for the decentralized era.

  • Built for the unique demands of Web3 and crypto apps
  • Say no to complex processes and yes to one-click deployment
  • Adapt to your business needs in real-time, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency

Cloudmos Resources

Other Available Options to Deploy Apps

Ready-to-deploy Apps

Awesome Akash is a curated list of awesome resources people can use to familiarize themselves with Akash and includes examples of several applications they can deploy on the platform.

Akash CLI

Deploy and Manage Your Applications on Akash with Ease using the Command Line Interface

CLI Booster

The Akash CLI Booster was created to make the use of the current command line tooling much simpler for deployments and related activities. In this guide we will review the primary capabilities of this exciting new tool.

Akash Terraform Provider

Effortless integration with the Akash Network using Terraform Cloud