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Akash Network Launches Chinese Community!

by Michael Gushansky


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At Akash Network, our second largest audience is our Chinese audience, and Chinese visitors make up the second largest group of visitors to our website and communities. We’re also fortunate to have a number of Chinese investors and partners, including Outpost Capital, Hone Capital, Forbole, and Steven Fan of Tencent.

Today, we’re excited to launch the Akash Network Chinese Community, and expand our vision globally for the world’s first decentralized cloud marketplace.

We welcome Chinese audiences around the world to learn more about Akash Network and Akash Token (AKT) by visiting our Chinese website and WeChat (through the QR code below).

The World’s First Decentralized Cloud Marketplace


As more of our lives are moving online to the cloud, there is increased consumer demand for throughput and content, high adoption of smartphones, rapid development of web applications, and higher costs of server management.

This accelerating demand is fueling the growth of the cloud services industry, which is expected to exceed $210 billion by 2022. The leading centralized cloud service providers–Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud–dominate the market with 71% market share.

In an increasingly competitive global market, companies have few alternatives for more flexible, faster, and lower cost cloud services.

Akash Network is the world’s first decentralized cloud computing marketplace, leveraging 85% of underutilized cloud capacity in 8.4 million data centers, and in individual servers.

Akash enables anyone to safely buy and sell unused cloud compute. Through Akash’s platform, companies get cloud compute for 10x less cost than the market, and providers earn up to 4x more.

The platform achieves these benefits by integrating advanced containerization technology with a unique staking model to accelerate adoption, built on Tendermint and Cosmos. The Akash Token (AKT) is a utility token used in the platform to achieve economic security, incentivize early adoption, and normalize exchange rates.

Technology Progression


Akash Supercloud Platform

Akash is currently running The Akashian Challenge, our incentivized testnet. As the second largest testnet in the Cosmos ecosystem since Game of Stakes, and the second largest active testnet after Ethereum 2.0, The Akashian Challenge currently has 106 active Challengers from around the world, including Chinese teams, competing for 64 validator positions at mainnet.

Participants are able to explore different aspects of our decentralized cloud computing platform. Phase 2 of the competition is currently underway. The Akashian Challenge enables us to strengthen the scalability, security, and usability of our platform, as we progress to the Akash mainnet launch later in July.

Akash Supermini

We also sold out of pre-orders for the first production run of our hardware product, Supermini portable supercomputer, launching in late 2020. We developed Supermini to give people sovereignty and privacy over their data, and to become participants of the cloud.

Owners will be able to run server apps and machine learning workloads, and offer their Supermini’s unused compute on Akash to earn Akash Token (AKT).

Supermini leverages Akash’s proprietary cloud and blockchain technologies, developed over four years.

We’re fortunate to have the support of our Akashian Challengers and new Supermini owners as we materialize the future of the cloud, and the internet.

Join Our Chinese Community Now


Join the Akash Chinese WeChat community and our Telegram to help us build the decentralized future of the Internet!

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