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The Unstoppable Update: May 2020

by Greg Osuri


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We’ve witnessed how our centralized systems, organizations, and governments were slow to coordinate and share life-saving information during the pandemic. We’re seeing more of the ways we connect and collaborate move to the cloud.

More than ever, we need a decentralized, permissionless, and open cloud where people become participants, and not just users. 

As we continue to maneuver through the new world order, our team is committed to creating a future where builders and participants of the internet have greater freedom to improve the human experience.

This month, our team took a big step towards realizing this future with the successful launch of The Akashian Challenge, our incentivized testnet, and our Supermini reservation campaign.


The Akashian Challenge testnet reached consensus immediately and went live at 1600 UTC. Since then, we’ve released Phase 1: Centauri and Sirius. With 211 Teams and 91 Active Validators (for 64 spots at Mainnet), it’s the largest testnet since Cosmos’ Game of Stakes**.** 

On Tuesday, May 12th, there was an AWS outage that brought down the centralized cloud (and internet) and yes, Akash testnet was still going strong!

Track our progress on Forbole’s The Big Dipper and Vitwit’s Aneka block explorers.


With a shared vision for data sovereignty and a decentralized future, we’re proud to partner with Forbole, a top validator and developer of decentralized applications. We’ve admired the thoughtfulness and commitment with which Kwun, Terence (his cofounder), and the Forbole team approach their projects and their communities. 

The Forbole team are tireless in materializing a decentralized future. In addition to being validators for the ecosystem’s top projects, they develop The Big Dipper block explorer, and Desmos, a decentralized social network that includes Mooncake, it’s DApp counterpart. Check out our Q&A with Forbole.


“I’m excited to join Akash to help achieve 100% utilization of all cloud compute resources around the world.

We’re excited to welcome a multi-talented architect and builder, Artur Troian, to our team. Artur is known in the open-source community for his work on VolantMQ, a High-Performance MQTT Server, and has an exciting Github

With a background encompassing hardware and software solutions in the IoT and wearables industry, Artur previously led product architecture and engineering at NotifAi, an IoT hardware company he cofounded. Learn more about Artur.


We developed Supermini to give people sovereignty and privacy over their data, and to become participants of the cloud. Owners will be able to run server apps and machine learning workloads, and offer their Supermini’s unused compute on Akash to earn crypto. Supermini leverages Akash’s proprietary cloud and blockchain technologies, developed over five years. 

We just launched a reservation campaign for a limited production of 300 Superminis. Supermini will be manufactured and launched in the United States with premium materials and powerful NVIDIA VOLTA processors. We’re already close to selling out our 300 Superminis. Learn more about Supermini.

Reserve Your Supermini 

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